Dear Scotland

Dear Scotland, 

I fear for you at this time. I know ultimately democracy will play it’s drum and the polling booth will be the judge, but I personally wish that you remain within the United Kingdom and for you to believe in yourselves once more.

I can’t help but feel that a Yes vote will fail to produce nearly as much change as the Yes voter or Scotland truly wishes for. I also can’t help but ask the question; what did the Scottish people wish for before the referendum campaign? Food on the table, free healthcare and more free education perhaps? 

Of course change is incredibly appealing, even more-so in the midst of a “financial crisis” (but what percentage of Scotland are starving to death on the streets? and currently without free education?) or whatever crisis the Scottish people believe they are in, a radical change seems to bode well with the heartstrings and massage the ego for a while.. but it will only be temporal; until the music dies down and the dust settles on the roulette table.

Can a hasty and radical change, borne out of no essential need (in the fullest sense of the word) or oppression - with pensions, healthcare and free education being placed on the roulette wheel - really wish the best for the Scottish people? Germany was once desperate for change and unity, then came along it’s ultimate destruction with the national socialist party at it’s helm.

I must admit, an indépendant Scotland does sound truly wonderful. Culturally, historically, the whole works! But isn’t the world now becoming a smaller place, with globalisation reducing the need for obsessive nationalism and for boundaries to be drawn? Shouldn’t we be bringing the world together to tackle the issues that we all face together as people of this earth? The breakdown of power to the people, the communities and the individuals in any context is clearly the obvious solution for the world’s problems today. This I believe this is really what the Scottish people want, but why give in so soon and take the cheap option? 

With all the security the Scotland has, why can’t the people of Scotland man up and put their efforts, brains and skills to dissolving powers, working with the rest of the UK (who aren’t devils and secretly want to make the world a better place! yes even the English can want good for the Scot’s) and bringing the Scotland they wan’t into reality without the gambling? I can’t help but feel a Yes vote is Scotland almost giving up on itself and choosing the easy “one night stand” with revolution that many countries have fallen prey to.

Of course change is hard to envisage without a dramatic turn of events occurring, but maybe the long hard road is the path that Scotland truly desires and will make solid, secure and lasting change for years to come. Scotland don’t give up on yourselves to soon and take the easy route, it’s already in your power to persevere and make Scotland what you truly wish.

Best Wishes,

P.s. These words came to mind..

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.." - Robert Frost

'Now I won't be back till later on, if I do come back at all..' - Neil Young